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This year, the famous ”KUNSTLER cup”  will be organised with the Ireland, Belgium, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Serbian, Norvégian,  and French clubs. The winners, one male and one female, will be the dogs who obtained the highest score in ten events in the following table. In case of equally, it will be up to the Judge of the last exhibition to decide between them. The competition takes place between the following classes : Champion, Open, Intermediate and Junior. It is necessary to participate in three of the ten events and there is a bonus for those who attend four or more. For the “Very Good” qualification, no points will be awarded. In case of ex-aequo, the judge of the last clubmatch will choose the winner. Looking forward to meet you there and spend good time together !”


In Norway the KGFH’S show 04. September 2015 ( the day before Europa Winner 2015) will be the qualification-show for the Kunstler Cup in Norway.


Please visit: www.kunstlercup.com for more info and results.